iMoney screenshot expense tracking tool


Payments Made Personal.

The ability to store multiple payment types, customizable expense tracking and budget planning, and exclusive deals are just some of the ways we're making iMoney personal.

  • Store mutltiple credit and debit cards in a single iMoney account
  • Get detailed expense tracking by date, spending category and more
  • Create account alerts based on your individual preferences
  • Receive deals and offers exclusive to iMoney users
iMoney screenshot security PIN screen


Robust Security.

At iMoney, keeping your financial information safe is our highest priority. To do so, we employ industry leading technologies with multiple safeguards in place to ensure your information stays protected.

  • All payment information is stored behind multiple layers of security
  • A PIN and other security preferences can be customized for your iMoney account
  • Your account numbers stay hidden on your mobile device and are accessible only by you
iMoney screenshot mobile to mobile iMoney payments


Money, Reinvented.

How do you take the complexity of digital payments and make it as simple as paying with cash? Add the ability to wirelessly send and receive money from your iMoney account to other iMoney accounts.

  • Send money wirelessly from your iMoney account balance to other iMoney accounts for free*
  • Receive payments from other iMoney account balances to your iMoney account with no fee
  • Sending and receiving payments works anywhere, whether it's the person next to you or someone across the globe

*(using an alternative payment method incurs a small fee)